Rebecca Freedner

Intuitive Transformational Coach

What is Energy Medicine?

I am a certified Utsui Reiki Master, an intuitive, and sometimes a medium!

The foundation of my education is in reiki, although my sessions have transformed to be much more fluid, creative, and personalized. Reiki is a very old Japanese practice of moving energy to assist in shifting the body from a place of stagnation or imbalance, to one of synergy and homeostasis. Everything is energy! Shifting the energy in the body has an immediate effect on our physiology, as well as our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  It is a powerful, yet gentle hands-on healing modality. During the process I will act as a conduit, offering your body potent, bright, loving universal energy. This is often felt as warmth on the skin as well as deeply in the body, and/or seen as colorful light behind the eyelids. Sometimes the experience of receiving unconditional love can feel euphoric!

When our energy is in balance we joyfully and confidently move through our lives in good health

Alternately, weak, unbalanced, or stagnant energy, makes us feel less vital and creates areas of vulnerability in our physical body. When we grow accustomed to a state of imbalance,  we may find the we make choices for ourselves that are not in our highest good.  Stagnant areas in the body correlate to stagnant and fearful areas in our lives. When I assist your body to move/remove those energy blocks, your entire being resonates at a higher and healthier frequency.  

My clients leave with a renewed sense of confidence, and a powerful determination to live proactively into the life they wish to have.

I believe that we are all seeking our own beautiful truth, and my skills lie in my ability to efficiently help you turn down the volume on the noise that keeps you at arms length from that truth. Understanding our highest potential invigorates us, and sets us on the path towards a life that brings the joy, abundance, passion, and satisfaction that each of us desires and deserves.


What is a healing session like?

Each session begins with an introduction and opportunity to check in. From there we move to the massage table, where you will lie, fully clothed. Your only job at this point is to stay curious, and release expectations! I'll gently assist your energy system to release  whatever is not serving you, and that which is working towards your highest good to flood you with a warm and loving light. 

I will place my hands on, or hover above your head, shoulders, heart, solar plexus, abdomen, arms and legs. Sometimes these session are very quiet and other times they're chatty. I invite you to always be comfortable to share whatever you're feeling at any given moment. There is a reason those thoughts are coming to the surface, and vocalizing them is a powerful way to move the energy!

I will speak frankly, and honestly in an effort to accelerate your path towards healing, and to be sure that every minute counts. There are times when the truth can feel confronting, so I urge you to approach your session with an open heart!

Your session will last one hour and 15 minutes. We will have plenty of time to answer questions about your experience. I'll send you on your way with tools specific to your session, which will help you maintain the bright beautiful energy in your body. The home practice will empower you on your healing path.

Often, your initial session will begin to open important doorways that you'd like to explore further through additional sessions.