Rebecca Freedner

Intuitive Transformational Coach

About Rebecca


I am a certified Utsui Reiki Master, an intuitive transformational coach, and sometimes a medium!

I have raised two beautiful children (they're now 20 and 22!), owned 3 homes and 2 businesses, and worked for 11 years as a professional henna artist. As a henna artist I was highly respected as a design/trend setter, and taught at large henna conferences across the country. I was sought out for my skills and eventually established my own henna studio where I made my full-time living putting beautiful henna designs on my beloved clients.

It was during my time working as a henna artist that I first began to consciously feel energy. While I sat with my client over my small henna table, I would sense their essence. I began to have clear experiences of the emotions my client was holding; grief, joy, anxiety… I began to sense seemingly arbitrary facts about my henna clients, like coming to know the feeling of people who worked in hospitals before I was told that they did. Towards the end of my henna career, most of my clients would place their hand upon my henna pillow, and say something like: “You can do whatever… it’s always beautiful, and I really just like sitting with you”. I began to wonder about this feeling of “knowing” I was experiencing, and was frustrated that I didn’t have the language to talk about it!

Now, I have most definitely found the language to talk and teach about energy! Excellent teachers and mentors, meditation, a few key books, and opening myself up to my connection to Divinity, has made my life rich beyond measure. I no longer have my henna studio, and instead have the immense pleasure to concentrate fully on my work as an intuitive.

Most recently I traveled solo for 7 months. I walked the Camino de Santiago 700 miles across Northern Spain. I lived at a yoga/healing retreat in Thailand, where I worked as a reiki practitioner and had the opportunity to deepen my yoga practice. I also spent 3 months in New Zealand where I lived/camped in a van which I drove all over both islands! (No contest, NZ was my favorite)

I currently live in a little cabin tucked into miles of National Forest and surrounded by the Green Mountains of Vermont. I spend my free time walking dirt roads, swimming in clear rivers, making art, and bribing my kids to have dinner with me.

I am a teacher, learner, giver, lover, beauty maker, and an eternal optimist. I see your highest potential, and endeavor to shine an illuminating light in those hidden places, so that you may also begin to see and feel your own beautiful divinity. I have a special talent for helping you deepen your purpose as it relates to your career.

 I have been enchanted by magic and mysticism since childhood. It's been such a tremendous gift to continue to learn and hone my skills as an intuitive, through work with my clients. It is an honor to witness life changing moments of realization and transformation which happen during our sessions!

I LOVE my juicy delicious life.

I LOVE exploring, expanding, and having my mind blown.

I LOVE teaching others about energy, and how they can raise their frequency.

I LOVE supporting my friends and family as they live full and expansive lives!