Rebecca Freedner

Intuitive Transformational Coach

Here's what Rebecca's clients say:

As I continue my journey I’m feeling grateful to have Rebecca ‘s guidance through her intuition. I’m going through some pretty big stuff, and Rebecca has helped me stay grounded while making steps through to a new chapter. I’m feeling brave and confident to trust my inner guidance.
For a year now I have followed her advice, and it has brought so much peace and growth. I feel much lighter!
— Leslie
I had a session with Rebecca at a particularly low point for me. One of confusion, sadness, stagnation and overwhelm. Literally within minutes, Rebecca was picking up on things that have challenged me for years and articulating them in ways I instantly responded to - like blinders I’d been wearing were suddenly removed. As she worked, she gave me very manageable tools and thoughts about how to realign my thinking, see all the potential around me and free myself of negative patterns. It felt like 10 years of therapy in 45 minutes. By the end of our time together I felt lighter, more energetic, more positive, grounded, and even inspired. What a gift!
— Emily
Having Reiki with Rebecca has been a life changing experience for me. Besides it being very healing and calming, Rebecca is able to know where my trouble spots are and what I am struggling with. I have started down some new paths thanks to her. I am so appreciative for all she has done for me. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.
— Donna
In November of 2017 I met Rebecca and was drawn in by her strong and open demeanor. We worked closely together for 2 months, almost daily, exchanging yoga, reiki, and guidance. Rebecca has become a beacon in my life, shining light in areas I find challenging to see on my own.
She is connected, intuitive, and has a profound presence. I hope you find yourself the opportunity for Rebecca’s insight and guidance on your journey.
— Nicole
Rebecca created a comfortable magical environment, making it easy to relax. I learned a lot about what was going on in my body: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I loved the visual portraits she paints when expressing the workings of ones energy.
I left feeling light and energized. I have always carried my energy on the top half of my body and no amount of massage and acupuncture had helped. I felt for once, equally energized and my upper body light and fluid. I still carry around that energy with me today. Thank you Rebecca!
— Christina
Rebecca is a naturally gifted healer. Her warmth, compassion and gentle approach to spiritual healing through Reiki is brilliant and inspiring. She was able to translate my energy and internal feelings into thoughtful words to help with my personal growth, and she truly opened my eyes to the power of Reiki. Through her balancing and strengthening of my chakras with her comforting touch, I left feeling calm yet energized, focused yet wide-eyed, and balanced while feeling appreciative of my own personal imperfections. I am forever grateful to have experienced Rebecca’s true gift and I look forward to future sessions.
— Danelle
Rebecca creates a welcoming, safe, and relaxing space to enter the world of energy work. She beautifully communicates what she is experiencing and helps me to drop fully into myself. I come away from our sessions feeling peaceful, challenged, energized and grateful. Thank you, Rebecca!
— Karen